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Lawyer stories:
Melanie Ng

Ask any one of LOD’s lawyers and consultants (more than 600 across our nine LOD offices) why they chose to work this way, and you will get a variety of responses.  However, one that comes up again and again is the fact that LOD lawyers and consultants have the freedom to concentrate and focus on the work they love, without the need to hit targets and the pressure of developing a pipeline.

Rather than tell you how great we think it is, we’ve asked some of our existing lawyers and consultants to give you their take on what that jump has meant for them. Read on to discover what it’s really like to be part of the award winning LOD team.

1)     Why have you chosen to do this rather than work in private practice or a permanent in-house role?

The consultancy model offers me diversity in a wide range of industries.  Further, you get to know people from various engagements.  Working in a private practice can be stressful as lawyers are expected to do a certain number of billable hours plus marketing work.  As for a permanent in-house role, the work can be less diversified.

2)     How do you justify the risks of working in a new and innovative way?

Although a cliché, work-life balance is something one will definitely get from working in this new and innovative way.

3)     Why LOD?

LOD has an extensive client base and the chance of getting to work in different industries is greater.  Also, LOD has a friendly culture and it often offers development opportunities to consultants.

4)     Benefits for you to work in this way?

I enjoy the flexibility of when to work and how often to work.  Further, when I am onsite working, I only concentrate on the work and not administrative tasks.  I concentrate on work during the eight hours and don’t have to think about it until the next day.

5)     Advice for someone thinking about making the jump?

The person must be flexible and have the ability to hit the ground and run.  Although there could be “off-time” in between engagements, such time can be spent on other important things in life.

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