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Lawyer stories:
Caroline Walsh

LOD lawyer, Caroline, wanted to move out of London to be by the sea – without compromising on finding good quality work. LOD helped her to do just that, giving her the freedom to pursue her interest in yoga and get her very own puppy!

Ten years ago, I set myself a deadline to move out of London. I love London, but have always dreamed of living by the sea and wanted to make the move sooner rather than later. I finally moved to Dorset three and a half years ago, a long time after having set myself that deadline – a deadline that seemed forever postponed. I knew where I wanted to go, but the same issue kept me in London: would I be able to find good quality work in Dorset that I would enjoy?

Having qualified in private practice, I spent many subsequent years working in-house in the media industry. I was fortunate to have lots of great roles, across different areas of the industry, and I was reluctant to leave that behind. I’ve always enjoyed moving roles, learning new things and meeting different people. The scope for that in London just could not be equalled in Dorset.

Finally, I took the plunge with a permanent role in Bournemouth and got some great experience in the public sector, learning completely new areas of law and dealing with issues that I would never have touched in London. However, I missed working in a commercial environment, and LOD have been pivotal in helping me find that. I am now on my second assignment. My first assignment lasted nine months, during which time I worked on familiar commercial issues and a completely new area of private client law. I loved the private client side and went on to study this area of law in my spare time. I am now one year into my second assignment, working on a range of contractual issues for an international business that is totally different to any business I have worked for previously. I thoroughly enjoy the role and work with a lovely team of people who completely understand the nature of freelance working.

One of the great things about LOD is that they are genuinely interested in me as an individual and in finding quality roles that make the most out of the freedom that freelancing brings. They have been completely supportive of my desire to work part-time and I have been able to do this in both my assignments.

My move out of London was not only about being by the sea, which I love, but it was about finding a balance between law and my other interests. Working part-time has allowed me time to train as a yoga teacher and I now teach regular classes throughout the week. It has also allowed me to get another thing I’ve always wanted – a very mischievous, destructive and adorable Labrador puppy called Betty. Five weeks in, I have less carpet, fewer shoes and this article has taken me ten times longer to write while I do my best to stop her destroying my home … but I have a wonderful balance in my life and a lot of fun.

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