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The New World of Legal Work

The Changing Rules of The 21st Century by Jordan Furlong

When it comes to change, LOD likes to think positively. We wanted to examine the opportunities that have arisen for lawyers across the board out of today’s on-going market upheaval. We wanted to delve into how they might come out of it smarter and more agile. And we wanted to explore how, by being open to new ways of doing things, lawyers can ultimately become better at what they do.

Jordan Furlong is someone who called the changes facing the legal industry before almost anyone else. He’s a lawyer, consultant and strategist with a great blog which well-deserves its many awards. Way back in the last decade he was already comparing the upcoming disruption of the legal industry with that seen in the music industry and offering advice to those of us caught up in the change. For 2014, we asked him to offer his thoughts in his own style on the future of legal work. We hope it provides some insight and inspiration on what a bright future might look like for all levels of the profession. Happy Reading! Download the report here.

The New World of Legal Work was Legal Week’s most popular download of 2014.

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