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Designed Solutions

Our Designed Solutions service will help you get the expert advice and support you need so you can focus on the strategic elements of your role. Whether you are looking for legal operations advisory help; a managed team; or a more complex managed solution, we’ll work with you to define your project and support your team to deliver.

Do you need:

  • Help to deliver a transformational plan?
  • Flexible senior people to tackle resourcing challenges?
  • A solution to take control of the contracting process?
  • A team to come in and deliver a focussed project?

We'll give you:

  • The industry’s leading legal operations specialists
  • Teams of LOD lawyers and consultants bought on board to deliver focussed projects
  • A structured LOD engagement team to completely manage and improve your legal processes
  • Senior experts paired with high quality teams
  • Help driving legal transformation

Efficiency Guaranteed

LOD find simple, fast ways of helping GCs structure, focus and deliver operational improvement. Our Designed Solutions team will help you look for better ways to work more efficiently and get more done.

Legal Operations Advisory

  • Deliver legal operations strategy at pace.
  • Engaging with our LOD team is the difference between having that fantastic idea in the bottom of your to-do list, and getting it done within months.

Managed Projects

  • We will deliver guaranteed outcomes for a fraction of the price of a traditional law firm.
  • Our distributed teams can scale and flex on demand, ensuring that you are only paying for the legal resources that you need and at the right level.

Managed Solutions

  • We will be up and running in weeks (or even faster if you need it).
  • Our team have huge amounts of in-house experience and will feel like an extension of your team.
  • They will also capture and report using real time data, providing you with management information and a continuously improving service offering.

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