Jon Esson

A senior commercial lawyer whose work with LOD has given him exposure to a broad range of clients and industries, as well as affording him the time to develop a new business and enjoy regular downtime with his family.

Jon found himself looking fondly back at his in-house experience (at DaimlerChrysler) upon his return to private practice, particularly missing the close commercial involvement he’d enjoyed as well as the greater degree of flexibility and work/life balance. When he heard about LOD from a work colleague, Jon was at the stage where he wanted to be able to commit time to both his involvement in an internet start-up and to his children (who were then aged just 5 and 3).

Jon has completed LOD assignments at Volkswagen Group UK, Tata Steel UK, Colt and BSkyB.

Jon says:

The concept of having greater control over the hours you work and the kind of work you get involved in really appealed, as did the prospect of having periods between roles to do other things. I also liked the idea of working for new clients every six months or so and the variety of experience that would inevitably give me.

Of his LOD experience so far, Jon enthuses:

“It’s a little like discovering that you’ve been walking around with your hands tied together for the last few years. It’s beyond what I expected and possibly even what I hoped for. The best bit of LOD is the freedom. Without a doubt.”

Before LOD:

Pinsent Masons, DaimlerChrysler UK, Fennemores, Oury Clark

Outside LOD:

Internet entrepreneur and paddling pool supervisor

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