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Newsletter September 2018

Five top tips: Bringing laughter into the workplace

We’re often told that laughter is the best medicine – but how does the underrated (and underused) power of laughter benefit us at work? This month, LOD Monthly explores how and why we should all be laughing more in the office.   

1.  Adopt a “laugh-ready attitude”

Professor of psychology Robert Provine believes that we all need to be more open to laughter. Whilst it may seem counterproductive or trivial to prioritise laughter in the workplace, Provine argues that being willing and prepared to laugh is one of the most important things a team can do.

2. Laugh with others

Neuroscientist and stand-up comedian Sophie Scott argues that laughing with others is a behaviourally contagious phenomenon. If you’re laughing, it’s a strong social cue for your colleagues to join in too. This gives you all a positive kick, helping you to tackle stressful situations at work together.

3. Lead with humour 

Laughter is a leading indicator of a more human workplace. Fast Company reports that laughter works in the development of leaders because of the vulnerability it exposes. It brings out a sense of self-awareness and trust that may be otherwise difficult to build across different levels of an organisation.

4. Give your brain a break

Forbes suggest that humour can be leveraged as a mental refresh. Laughing gives your brain a moment of respite from your day-to-day worries and deadlines, helping you to feel relaxed and refocused when you go back to your work. This will lead to an increase in your overall work effectiveness – suggesting there’s a clear business case for laughing more.

5. Reap the benefits

According to research from the London Business School, every chuckle brings with it a host of business benefits. From relieving stress and boredom, to boosting engagement, productivity and creativity, there’s every reason to ensure work doesn’t have to be a sombre endeavour.

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