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Newsletter October 2018

Five top tips: Productivity 

Increasing your productivity requires a personalised approach – you need to know which strategies align with your strengths, preferences and cognitive style. In this month’s LOD Monthly, we’re looking at five tips that could boost your self-motivation. 

1.  Identify your productivity style
Step one is defining your productivity style. 99u suggest that there are four categories: The Prioritiser, The Planner, The Arranger and The Visualiser. By identifying your style, you’ll be able to utilise tools and techniques that suit your personality and help you work in a smarter way.

2. Set specific goals
According to the Harvard Business Review, studies have shown that abstract ambitions – such as ‘doing your best’ – are less effective than concrete goals. Once your goals are set, break them down into smaller sub goals – it makes them more attainable and you’ll be less like likely to succumb to a motivation slump.

3. Unplug from distractions
Headspace recommend that we “intentionally mono-task” when we’re overwhelmed with different tasks and distractions. Try closing tabs, apps or emails that you’re not working on to create a clear digital workspace that will encourage focus and productivity.

4. Slow down the pace
Whilst there is often pressure to be constantly doing more, Forbes report that numerous studies show that we achieve more by doing less. Adopt a more mindful approach to work – be it through incorporating exercise into your day or delegating more – and your productivity will thrive.

5. Do what you enjoy
German sociologist Niklas Luhmann believes that the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do. The secret of productivity is simple – it’s pure enjoyment that will sustain your motivation and productivity.

LOD News

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