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Newsletter October 2017

Five Top Tips: The Power of Sleep 

With our tech-heavy lives and increasingly busy schedules, it’s easy to forget the importance of “switching off” and sleep. We thought we’d look at exactly why sleep is so good for you (and just how to get some more of it!)

  1. Your learning improves
    Sleeping helps strengthen the memories you’ve formed throughout the day. Not only that, but when you sleep your brain links new memories to earlier ones, allowing new ideas to form (we’ve all had that 3am idea!)
  1. Your work quality is better
    This New York Times writer firmly believes that a nap, rather than caffeine, is the most powerful solution to lack of sleep. “The fewer [hours] we sleep at night, the lower the quality of our work”.
  1. You can avoid sickness
    Less sleep means a weakened immune system. Researchers found that people with fewer than 7 hours of sleep were 3 times more likely to develop a cold than those with 8 or more hours of sleep.
  1. You get paid more
    A 2016 study found that people who increased their sleep by one hour a night saw their wages increase by 5% in the long term. Forbes says the key is to consistently get enough sleep.
  1. Great – so how do I get more?
    We know that getting more/better sleep is often easier said than done and there are more than 5 top tips to do this. Handily, Huffington Post has collected 37 tips for a better night’s sleep – all backed by science.

LOD News

This month we hosted the third in our Legal Tech Webinar Series – ‘Achieving innovation through process re-engineering & change – The Cisco Story’. LOD’s James Kenney was joined by Marcus Breaden, APJC General Counsel & Senior Director Legal Services at Cisco, and Andrea Foot from Tikit Australia, to talk about Cisco’s legal tech story. It looks at what innovation actually means and discusses the process changes within the Cisco legal team that allowed them to drive innovation and add value to the business.

Find the webinar, and previous episodes, here.

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