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Newsletter May 2018

Five top tips: Communicating like a human being

Communicating like a human being has the potential to make people feel engaged, connected and understood – which is critical in the workplace. In this month’s LOD Monthly, we’ve rounded up our top five tips to help you hone your communication skills.

1. Choose your method of communication wisely

Technology keeps us connected – but Forbes suggest that it can also remove the element of humanity from our work. Take the time to build relationships and talk to people in person or over the phone. Your message and tone are less likely to be misconstrued, and you’ll become more than a generic name on an email.

2. Be vulnerable and empathetic

Vulnerability helps you establish a real connection with someone – particularly during those difficult conversations, where empathy and humanity are key. In her TED Talk ‘The power of vulnerability’, Brené Brown shares her insights into the role vulnerability plays in understanding humanity.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule#

Listening is just as, if not more, important as talking when it comes to communication. 99u recommend trying the 80/20 rule – whereby you seek to listen 80% and speak 20% of the time. This can help others feel like they have your time, attention and focus throughout the conversation.

4. Ask more questions

According to the Harvard Business Review, asking questions is a uniquely powerful tool. The way in which we frame and choose to answer questions can influence the outcome of a conversation. Questions demonstrate your emotional intelligence, inquisitive nature and ability to listen – all of which show you’re communicating like a human being.

5. Find your own voice

Communicating with others is an opportunity to share your own voice and human identity. The New York Times suggest storytelling is one of the most effective mediums to connect with others – and it’s a practiced form we all can learn.


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