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Newsletter March 2019

Five top tips: Make better decisions

Your life is the result of every decision you make (or you don’t make, for that matter). When looking back, we can see very clearly how well we chose, but planning ahead is not so easy. In this month’s LOD Monthly, we share five ways to help you make the best possible decisions.

1. The method to your madness

Fast Company suggests categorising your decisions by importance and even having some fun with smaller choices where you can play with the consequences. When it comes to bigger decisions, relate them to your goals to help you identify where your priorities lie.

2. Make difficult decisions user-friendly

The Muse highlight a way for you to apply Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler’s ‘nudge theory’ to yourself. It’s all about making it easier to engage in an action than to resist an action.

3. “No man is an island”

Success have it spot on – you need some creative friction in order to get more than just your angle on a decision. So whenever possible, share your decision-making process with a colleague or a friend and see what the view is from where they stand. Although, bear in mind that too many cooks spoil the broth.

4. 3 in 1

In this TED talk, cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths looks at three ways to make better decisions. The 37%, the explore/exploit trade off, and the “least recently used” strategy.

5. Listen to your gut

Sometimes you’ll be too tired to think about all the aspects of your decisions. When all else fails, it’s OK to trust your gut feeling. It’s been scientifically proven that when you’re fatigued your brain chemistry works differently so making decisions based on unconscious processes is, in fact, better.

LOD News

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