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Newsletter March 2018

Five top tips: Working alone

Building a career around working alone – be that as a freelancer or a remote worker at home – is now a reality for many. But what does working alone entail? What are the highs, the lows and the top tips? LOD Monthly has a look to find out more.

1. Ask what works for you
A recent Forbes report explored the benefits, including the flexibility of implementing a remote work programme for employers and the rise of non-traditional leadership roles in remote working environments.

2. Connect with your team
When team members are apart, it’s vital to put communication front and centre. Communicate with your team deliberately and frequently – both about work and for the ‘watercooler’ chats that are missed out on at home. Tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging will help you build a team mentality online.

3. Establish your routine
Working alone requires discipline. Set boundaries and outline expectations – both for yourself and with everyone in your household. Forbes emphasises the importance of establishing office hours, dressing as if you’re going into the office and having a dedicated office space (ideally away from your bed).

4. Work alone, together
Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review suggests that co-working spaces give you the opportunity to network, learn, socialise and work with others. Being part of a community can reduce the isolation and loneliness often associated with working alone.

5. Looking ahead
As working remotely becomes increasingly popular, what does the future hold? The BBC has explored the possibility of a human-free workplace, with digitally-engineered personas interacting with clients, employees and customers around the world on our behalf.

LOD News
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