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Newsletter June 2017

How to be tech enabled – 5 top tips 

It can sometimes feel like we are surrounded by technology solutions that promise to do everything. At LOD we like to use technology to enable us, rather than take over what we are doing. Here are our five tops tips to help make this happen:

  1. Use cloud-based file sharing
    Eliminate basic frictions of file sharing and encourage collaboration among coworkers. Entrepreneur says using this allows tracking of who does what on collaborative documents.
  2. Improve communication
    As remote working becomes more common, technology like video-conferencing, instant desktop sharing and instant messenger can all enable the company to communicate better.
  3. Gather useful data and use it
    Forbes says that you can boost the workforce by using embedded analytics (that are often invisible to the user) to gather data for more informed decision making.
  4. Avoid the lure of the shiny gadget
    According to The Guardian, the biggest or newest tech isn’t always the best. When looking for a technology solution to a problem, sometimes the simple answer is best.
  5. Embrace consumer driven technology
    Wired says that by adapting processes to allow people to work with technology they are comfortable with, companies have seen boosts in profits and employee satisfaction.

LOD News 

Last month we launched our latest report with Jordan Furlong. As we head towards the 2020s, we are in a transition between generations of leadership – the Boomers give way to the Millennials. This report aims to give us an idea of what this generational shift will mean.

Some of the report’s suggestions may make for an uncomfortable read, and maybe you’ll think there are some features that we’ve missed. At LOD, however, we think these changes bring exciting possibilities for all of us. Click here to read the report – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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