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Newsletter July 2018

Five top tips: Take charge of your own development 

Success in today’s world requires continuous growth and learning, with many of us keen to advance our current knowledge and expertise. This month, LOD Monthly explores how you can take charge of your own development and continuously strive to improve.

1. Build a self-improvement team 

Despite the focus on ‘self’ improvement, the Harvard Business Review argues that the most successful efforts to self-improve happen with the active participation of others. The eyes and insights of your peers will be a source of feedback. Others will hold you to account and give you the support you need to increase the odds of your success.

2. Make self-education a daily habit

A constant hunger to learn will leave you poised to succeed in the future. From taking advantage of free educational resources to studying the work of your personal and professional idols, 99u have a whole host of tips to help you hone your current skills and develop new ones each and every day. 

3. Keep your eye on the job market 

It’s easy to lose sight of the ever-changing job market – but periodically checking job adverts that are in line with the role you’re looking for next is a great way to check if you’re self-improvement is on track. If there are key skills or qualifications that you’re missing, start to think about how you can develop these.

4. Log daily, reflect quarterly and plan yearly

Psychologist Teresa Amabile believes that documenting your progress can have a powerful impact on your long-term development. Regularly note down your small wins and setbacks – and reflect on this to measure your incremental self-improvement and build a plan for your future goals.

5. Push beyond the ‘OK Plateau’

Author and researcher Joshua Foer suggests that, when learning a new skill, we often hit an ‘OK Plateau’. We can handle this plateau in two ways: slip into auto-pilot and settle with just being good enough – or conquer the plateau and excel beyond the pack by pushing ourselves to be outstanding. 

LOD News
This month, we published our latest LOD report from leading industry champion, mentor and author Paul Gilbert. Paul examines just how lawyers can keep sight of their purpose, look after their own wellbeing and maintain the close relationship that law has with ethics.

You can read the full report here.

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