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Newsletter July 2017

Planning ahead – 5 top tips 

As we firmly settle into the second half of 2017, don’t lose hope about sorting out that project you have wanted to start all year. Here are LOD’s top five tips for planning:

  1. Don’t be afraid to take the time
    Harvard Business Review says that it can take up to 60 minutes to plan your week. That may seem a lot, but it can make thoughtful work less stressful and more productive.
  2. Plan your day the night before
    Before you leave the office take 10 minutes to look at your week’s plan and plan the next day. Fast Company says this is a great way to ensure you start your workday strong.
  3. Break projects down
    Putting a whole project on your to-do list or calendar can be daunting. 99u says splitting out your projects keeps you engaged with the task with as little effort as possible.
  4. Schedule regular breaks during the day
    Having back-to-back tasks and meetings can make you tired and less productive. Entrepreneur says scheduling regular breaks keeps your mind organised.
  5. If you can’t plan ahead, read ahead
    If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t plan, read ahead to make the best of the situation. Forbes says this will help to avoid ‘winging it’ and allows you to anticipate tricky bits.

LOD News

Next week we are launching the next in our Toolkits series. Check out our first report ‘Measure Your Impact: 8 KPIs for in-house legal teams’ and keep your eyes peeled for a new one next week.

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