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Newsletter January 2019

Five top tips: Resolutions that last

If you are three weeks into January and the success rate of a new resolution is looking doubtful, then this month’s LOD Monthly should help. Our five tips look at approaching the new working year with a positive mindset to help tackle change in a meaningful way that lasts.

1. Set intentions, not resolutions
The Huffington Post says resolutions should be scrapped all together, opting for something simpler instead, an intention. Setting an intention relieves you from the pressures associated with resolutions, whilst helping you ‘navigate through the ups and downs of life over the coming 12 months’.

2. Do what fulfills you
People often approach resolutions by considering what
‘they think they should do rather than exploring what fulfills them’. Entrepreneur Europe suggest considering changes that will make a difference to everyday life, such as delegating when appropriate and making more time for yourself.

3. It is not always worth it
Not made any resolutions this year? No problem. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that sometimes making resolutions actually causes more harm than good. When our resolutions are not kept, ‘we fill ourselves with feelings of anxiety and lower our self-worth’.

4. Focus on the here and now
Forbes states that New Year’s resolutions are a flawed way to reach an admirable goal. Indeed, ‘we overwhelm ourselves by focusing on substantial changes down the road rather than on small changes in the here and now’.

5. Not happy with your job? Time to change
Career coach Sarah Archer notes that most people take up to two years before making a career change. A fear of taking risks and feeling too comfortable can lead to career paralysis. Why wait for the ‘new year, new you’ to change this.

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