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Newsletter February 2019

Five top tips: Add some zing to February

January is filled with resolutions, determination and healthy eating. February, on the other hand, is neither here, nor there. So, in this month’s LOD Monthly, we’re sharing five ways to beat the blues when the January energy surge is flatlining and you need a spark to get you through to spring.

1. Look at art
Google Cultural Institute is an initiative that makes cultural material available to everyone. Discover museums, cities, countries, art movements, historical events, and personalities through extra high-resolution photography. It’s an opportunity to learn something, plan your next holiday, stimulate your brain, or simply be emotionally moved by beauty.

2. Focus on others
Cognitive psychologist Javier Bajer recommends combatting winter’s low mood by focusing on others. Find someone who needs your skills and help them. It will benefit them and ignite you! This view has been supported by the Harvard Business Review that says giving advice rather than asking for it is a way to overcome motivational deficits.

3. Feng Shui your desk
You spend a lot of time at your desk so make sure it emits vibrant Chi. It’s not purely about organisation but also about the mental and physical impact of your surroundings. The basics are not difficult to grasp, and the Net is brimming with easy-to-follow guides like this one from The Spruce.

4. Tidy up
Everyone is talking about the KonMari method. It’s a very effective organisation technique developed by the Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. It consists of separating all your belongings into categories and letting go of any items that don’t “spark joy”. To make it easy for you, Marie recommends starting with your clothes because you are least emotionally attached to them.

5. Exercise your brain
If your brain is awake, you are more likely to find inspiration. Your favourite local bookshop will have plenty of brain exercise books. Your app store is also brimming with choices like Elevate and Peak. You need only spend 5 minutes a day exercising your brain for long term benefit.

In fact, start now! Answer this question: What is the next letter in the series OTTFFSS? Head to our LinkedIn page and give us the answer or find it in our next LOD Monthly.

LOD News
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