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Newsletter February 2018

Five top tips: Collaboration

We increasingly live in a globalised world where working across countries, departments and teams is key. This month, we explore collaboration, how you can make this work and why it sometimes might be better to go it alone.

1. Why collaborate? 
There are a range of positive benefits for employees, from increased engagement levels to higher success rates. A Stanford study found that the mere perception of working collectively can supercharge performance.

2. The art of successful collaboration
Diversity is frequently cited as the key to a successful, collaborative team. 99u suggests that this should include a balanced team of different backgrounds, genders and both big picture and analytical thinkers.

3. Collaborating outside of your business
External collaboration is a powerful business-building strategy. The Telegraph suggests that pooling resources, energy and talent can boost innovation, productivity, credibility and investment potential.

4. A collaborative workspace
A collaborative environment can take many forms – including utilising technology to connect teams remotely, and creating a space with a mix of communal areas and quiet nooks to encourage casual, café-style interactions.

5. You decide
Despite collaboration being touted as a key to success, a recent Forbes report suggests that it might not always be the case and some things are best done solo. Make sure it works for you.

LOD News
This month, we were delighted to announce the launch of our tenth office globally in Munich, Germany. The news was covered by The Lawyer and LegalWeek.

We also featured in the APAC CIO Outlook magazine this month. James Kenney, LOD’s Head of Client Solutions in Sydney, explored how technology can help in-house counsels to work better. Check out James’ article here and the full magazine here.

You can find past LOD Monthly newsletters here.

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