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Newsletter December 2017

Six Top Tips To Close 2017

At our latest Life With Law event we had two fantastic speakers, Dr Brennan Jacoby discussing how to build trust, and Luisa Baldini advising on how to build your personal brand. Using this event as our inspiration for our last LOD monthly of 2017, we have six top tips for you:

1. Trust isn’t always a good thing
Trust has the general perception of being a good thing, but it’s not necessarily inherently good to trust, or bad not to. A range of factors determine the positive or negative impact of trust and we need to aim for the intelligent placement of trust and distrust.

2. Focus on integrity
Trust is best built when something you do benefits another without benefiting you also. You’ve acted because someone else is counting on you and you don’t want to let them down, rather than because you’ve been compelled to act.

3. Acknowledge humanity
Building trust isn’t about being perfect, rather treating people like people and acknowledging that they are fallible. What destroys trust isn’t a failure to act, it is the inability to apologise or generate forgiveness.

4. Having a personal brand is key
When it comes to your career, you have to be your own PR because if you aren’t selling yourself no one else will do it for you. People need to understand who you are and the unique selling points (USPs) you have to offer. Packaging that up creates your personal brand.

5. Authenticity is key
When building your personal brand it needs to be authentic. To build your brand, you can manipulate the things that make up your personal brand. But, to have real effect, you must do this within your authenticity boundaries, not just present what you think others want to see or hear.

6. Take advantage of your circumstances
As you go through your career, make sure you seize opportunities that arise for building your personal brand. Your brand can evolve and you should tinker with it along the way – it grows and changes based on circumstances.

LOD News

This month, LOD announced that we have appointed our first ever Chief Information Officer (CIO). As LOD now has offices in five countries and over 600 lawyers and consultants, the time was right to have a dedicated CIO to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of running a global IT system. Australasian Lawyer reported on the news here.

You can find past LOD Monthly newsletters here.

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