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Newsletter April 2018

Five top tips: Giving & receiving feedback

Feedback is crucial. It establishes expectations, improves performance and strengthens relationships – benefiting both individuals and the wider organisation. This month, LOD Monthly explores how to get better at giving and receiving feedback to make the most of this useful tool.

1. Don’t be fearful of feedback 
According to Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, frequent and honest feedback is linked to employee engagement and effective leadership, and yet feedback phobia is a widespread issue in the workplace. Tackle this by encouraging a feedback-rich environment focused on trust, constructive praise and open communication.

2. Be caring and constructive
Giving transparent feedback to direct reports that you care for is challenging, but essential. Kim Scott advocates for the ‘Radical Candor‘ approach; critiquing behaviour, not the individual, to effectively deliver feedback, whilst still maintaining a strong caring relationship.

3. Avoid the feedback sandwich 
The ‘praise – criticism – praise’ sandwich is an outdated and ineffective way of delivering feedback. It can dilute the message and create confusion, leaving both parties unsatisfied. Instead, the Harvard Business Review recommends strategic developmental feedback, which is big-picture focused, organisationally aligned and linked to impact.

4. Be receptive to feedback
Receiving feedback can make you feel pretty vulnerable, but it’s worth taking the emotional risk to grow and develop. To make the most of a feedback meeting, Forbes suggest you should hear everything in context, come prepared and focus on the future.

5. Ask open questions 
How we ask for feedback influences the scope and type of feedback we receive. Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that individuals who asked open questions signalled that they were curious and open to new ideas, and therefore received more feedback than those asking narrow closed questions.

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