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Running all over the world

LOD has placed lawyer Trevor Goh in top quality roles and diverse industries. The variation is attractive to him because of the ability to switch between industries, learn new things and new products.

Before LOD: Blake Dawson, Shanghai, Jakarta, Port Moresby, Sydney & Perth; Bank of Western Australia, Perth; Anaconda Nickel Limited, Perth

Outside of LOD I still do a lot of personal travel – on average every third weekend to neighbouring countries and I’m always trying to fit in either a hike or a trail run every trip. I also attempt to do at least one marathon a year – usually somewhere out of Singapore as it is a greater incentive to train and prepare! Running is a means of allowing me to eat. As I love food and am always on the lookout for new places, the two activities complement each other well.

I’ve been on assignments with LOD across a range of industries, from food (I never knew there was so much to the food business, I now look at packaging in the supermarket very differently) to my first time in the financial services sector where I worked as part of the Anti-bribery and corruption team.

LOD has placed me in top quality roles and diverse industries, which is difficult to obtain on my own. The variation is attractive because of the ability to switch between industries, learn new things and new products. I still keep in touch with people from all my assignments.

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