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Lawyer stories:
Notes from a Greek Island

LOD lawyer Victoria Blanchard feels like she’s won the lottery since she started working with LOD. Going from Magic Circle to three babies and a holiday home in Greece, find out how LOD has allowed Victoria to continue working on exciting, career enhancing projects, whilst still having time to frolic with dolphins in the sea.

This morning I walked down to the beach with my husband and three young children. We jumped on the boat and headed to one of our favourite swimming spots. On the way back there was great excitement – dolphins were swimming under the boat and jumping alongside us. Back at home I helped my eldest son write about the dolphin sighting in his school holiday diary before logging on to my computer to start work.

My husband and I have always done things a bit differently. We bought our Greek island holiday home during my qualification leave because it was the same price as a studio flat in London and seemed to us to be a much wiser investment. Our friends and family thought we were a bit bonkers at the time but now they are all queuing up to come and stay with us.

We were originally based in London but with our second child on the way we decided to move to Norfolk in the hope that we would be able to provide them with a bit more space to explore and us with a more relaxed lifestyle. However, I wasn’t prepared to give up the job I loved, working as a litigator for major real estate clients so I stayed at the same Magic Circle firm, commuting from Norwich to London four days a week while my husband took responsibility for most of the childcare.

As time went by and baby number three came along we realised I needed more flexibility in my work to enable us to spend more time together as a family. At the time it didn’t seem possible to do that while working as a lawyer so I started to develop other business ideas that would give me the balance I wanted in my life. But even though I came up with some interesting options, I couldn’t get past the fact that I had worked hard establishing my legal career and would be sad to leave it behind.

That was when a friend of mine who works at BLP told me about LOD and persuaded me to get in touch. I have been working as a Consultant with the Real Estate Disputes team at BLP for over a year and a half now. I work three days a week from home, coming into the office if I have a client meeting to attend. And for six weeks over the school summer holidays I carry on working on the same basis, but from my Greek holiday home. If I sound a bit smug, that is because I really do feel like I’ve won the lottery since I started working with LOD. I have great clients and have also had the opportunity to work with an artificial intelligence software firm who have developed a robot for us that can carry out due diligence tasks. It’s been a fascinating learning experience.

The legal industry is changing rapidly, both with the adoption of new technologies and new ways of working, and I’m really excited to be at the frontline of the new legal world.

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