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Lawyer stories:
Nathalia Trois Colognese

When Nathalia moved to London from Brazil, she didn’t want to give up her legal career. Through LOD, Nathalia found that with the right experiences and the right attitude, she would be recognised and rewarded with high quality work and clients, and a truly satisfying legal career.

Looking back 4 years ago, everything was going as planned in my life: I had graduated from Law school, passed the qualifying exams, spent one incredible year studying English in Australia and was back in my home country, doing a postgraduate course in Public Law and studying to become a Federal Judge. I even had a part-time job in the legal sector that allowed me to have a reasonable income and at the same time study for the judgeship exams – bingo!

Even though I was very thankful and happy to have all of this, I felt like life was supposed to pulse and not simply stroll – which was the feeling that the planned comfort zone I had created was giving me.

That’s when it all started: first, I got one more job, than another and soon I had 3 jobs in the legal sector, while still doing the postgraduate course. As you can imagine, I was a little busy – but I was thriving in this crazy business life and had never felt so alive.

Despite the many advantages of living in your home country, surrounded by family, friends and everything you are familiar with, after living in Australia I could never truly re-adapt to Brazil: the hot weather and the warm people could not make up for the corruption, lack of safety and high-cost living expenses (which are much higher than London nowadays, I assure you!).

My husband and I had dreamed of moving to London and building our lives there. We’d say that we wanted to try and live there for at least a year, just to see how it goes, but deep down we knew we would love it. Since moving, it has been love at first, second, and 700th sight – and it’ll soon be two years that we’ve been here.

My biggest concern was how I would continue my legal career, considering I was Civil Law qualified. Many said that I would have to drop it all; that none of my hard work, nor my undergraduate or my postgraduate diplomas, would be of use here. However, haters gonna hate and there’s not much you can do about it.

Whilst I had previous contracts as a lawyer in London, and even though the professional environment was good, I didn’t feel that my role had real meaning or required me to apply my legal knowledge. At this point, even though I still loved London, I felt lost – far away from home and questioning my choices and my skills. This contractor life was not going to work.

This is when LOD came along. LOD gave me hope and showed me that knowledge is never wasted. When you have the right experiences and the right attitude, you will be recognised and rewarded with MORE WORK – but work of high quality, surrounded by amazing professionals and with high standard clients who make the assignments a true career achievement.

LOD trusted my abilities and showed me I am worth it – and there aren’t enough words to thank them for this. I’m currently on my first assignment, but I’ve fallen in love with life as an LOD Lawyer, and I look forward to a long-term relationship with it. It gives me a life full of different opportunities based on trust, work and flexibility – a unique all-in-one kind of job.

Thanks to LOD, I’m not only still pursuing my legal career – I am actually further developing it towards what I want it to be. I finally feel I am right where I am supposed to be.

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