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Lawyer stories:
Multitasking Madness!

LOD lawyer Amber Foster is a multitasking mum with her finger in many pies. With 3 other jobs, being an LOD has allowed her keep up the multitasking madness to add a fourth: an assignment with a shoes and clothing company based in LA! Read on to see how she fits it all in.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! In fact, I insist on it (no more commuting). I also like being a mum, a lawyer, a charity trustee, a non-executive director and when I have a bit of time to spare, I like making things on my sewing machine. Not much of a challenge then for the LOD team to find something that lets me fit it all in.

When Miss F was born I gave up my General Counsel role (the 2.5 hours commute eachway was no longer for me) but I was a bit stuck workwise. I knew I wanted to work in Brighton but it’s full of small start-ups and clever creative types. There is no market for in-house lawyers. That’s where LOD On Call assignments save the day. In fact, thanks to the LOD model, I now have four jobs.

First job is Mum. Needs no explaining. It’s No. 1 job. Top priority. Everything else has to work around this.

Second job is charity trustee. NCT is the UK’s largest charity for parents, well-known for its ante-natal courses, also works hard to support parents during a child’s first 1000 days. I have been a direct beneficiary of this charity – my maternity leave could have been a very lonely time as we live far away from family, and at that time my friends did not have children. The people I met through NCT classes and its various parent-babies groups gave the support network that I needed as a first time parent. I was recently elected by the board to be its Vice-Chair.

Third job is non-executive director. At the start of this year, I was appointed as a non-executive director or “NED” of Shoreham Port. I had often driven past the Port and marvelled at the large boats so as soon as I saw they were looking for NEDs I applied. Learning about the Port is addictiveand it’s a real privilege to be on the board of this local asset.

Last is lawyer. I’m a bit sad, I like being a lawyer. Even when I was working in a “proper job” I used to study for legal diplomas in my spare time. But after the life changing event that is parenthood, I realised that just being a lawyer is not enough. There are too many other things I want to do. And that’s where LOD comes in.

At my first meeting with LOD, I quickly realised that LOD is not just paying lip service to work-life balance. I have never been made to feel embarrassed about my wish list and non-negotiables. The longer I have worked with LOD, the more I have refined that list and they have really delivered. For example, I have realised that my preference is for working with smaller entrepreneurial companies, so I added this to my wish list and they recently came up with the goods. I am currently on assignment with a LA-based shoes and apparel company, it’s full of cool kids and I am fast learning what all the emoticons in their emails mean.

No more plans to add to my list of jobs, but I would like to sell a piece of artwork made on my sewing machine…..maybe next year.

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