Lawyer stories:
Julie Yip

Since becoming an LOD, Julie has enjoyed exploring different industries and work cultures – without having to commit to anything long term. Julie shares her experience of why she decided to work this way and the advice she’d give to others.

1) Why have you chosen to do this rather than work in private practice or a permanent in-house role?
I left private practice many years ago and it is not something that I would go back to unless the opportunity was extra special. A permanent in-house role still has many positives, if the right one comes along, but at the moment working for LOD is a good option to explore multiple industries and work cultures without having to commit to anything long term.

2) How do you justify the risks of working in a new and innovative way?
The culture of work and the definition of a job is being disrupted more and more, whether you like it or not, and there are risks everywhere – even in a permanent role. I see it as a challenge, and it’s an opportunity to prove to myself that I can be flexible, able to adapt to any working environment and arrangement, and keep innovating.

3) Why LOD?
A friend suggested LOD to me as a viable and reliable option instead of the traditional way of working and I have not been disappointed!

4) What advice would you give to someone thinking about making the jump?
You have to be sure that you have the personality for it. You’ll be required to adapt to constant change in the working environment, changing personalities that you will encounter on every secondment and the financial uncertainties of a non-permanent job. You also need to be able perform from the very first day – there is no warm up period on your secondments!

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