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Hook, line and scooter rides

Not wanting to leave an industry she loved, LOD lawyer Alison turned to LOD to find her a part-time role so she could spend more time with her family. Her first secondment has been going for a little over a year.  Here she tells her story.

Prior to joining LOD just over a year ago, I was in a permanent in-house role within the oil & gas industry. My first and current assignment with LOD was my first endeavour into the world of secondments and so far I’m hooked!

I joined LOD as I was seeking a change and a few acquaintances had highly recommended the Perth team. I found them to be very supportive and understanding in our initial meeting/conversations. I was impressed as they listened intently to what I was looking for in a secondment and it was more than apparent that they worked hard to match me with the most suitable role.

I love working in the Oil & Gas industry, so it was great that LOD could keep me a part of it. It’s a truly global industry and I find that very exciting – the scale of operation that we work with is huge.  Especially in my current secondment, everything is interconnected globally which opens doors and opportunities that I would never have known to exist. I also have found myself working with smart, invested people who love what they do which is very motivating and inspiring.

LOD were very accepting and accommodating of my request for part-time working hours and I soon found myself in my current role. Working part-time allows me to spend valuable time with my family, and I’ve loved the flexibility that the LOD model has welcomed to my life. My son and I love going for scooter rides around Perth on café trips, especially if the sun is shining. I’m also a keen reader and a big fan of the arts; anything Ballet, Opera and Theatre.

So far, my experience with LOD has been wonderful! I’ve remained on the same secondment since I started a little over a year ago, however I feel as though I’m really a part of the LOD team. Since becoming an LOD lawyer, I’ve been provided access to excellent online resources that I’ve not had in any prior in-house role. Even though I do not work on-site at LOD, I can always speak to someone if need be and I feel highly supported in my secondment.

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