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Haaron is a founding director of Balance Legal (a predecessor firm of LOD). Over the last 5 years Haaron has worked for major oil and gas companies, both on the construction of their LNG projects and on their day to day operations. Here he talks about what he loves about being a seconded in-house lawyer and his experience so far.

Specialities: Major projects, procurement, construction, banking & finance, intellectual property and software licensing.

Previous employers: Herbert Smith Freehills as well as a number of in-house secondment roles.

Why did you chose to work with LOD?
Working as a seconded lawyer through the LOD model appeals to me because it gives me the chance to work hands on with clients to achieve their objectives. While working in private practice I had never had the opportunity to go on secondment and work in-house. Working as an in-house lawyer was immediately rewarding – you get to learn more about the context in which you give your advice and also see the results. You also get much more appreciation from the client when they see you working side by side with them. Being a seconded in-house lawyer is a trade-off between variety and security but it has been fantastic in broadening experience and giving me opportunities in new industries.

Tell us about your LOD experience so far:
Most of my secondments so far have been in resources, and particularly, oil and gas companies. Over the last 10 years WA has embarked on some enormous LNG projects and it has been interesting and challenging playing a small part in helping to bring those projects to production. I’ve been lucky to have worked with large legal teams with lawyers from around the world. It’s a steep learning curve when you first start but the teams I have worked with have been very helpful and cohesive.

What do you love about working in the industry?
The things I like most about the legal industry (particularly as in-house secondee) are:
• the challenges it presents – you often get to work with very smart people and your advice and solutions are never exactly the same.
• an ability to help a client achieve an outcome.

What do you do outside of LOD?
I’m a keen gardener/renovator and an avid Fremantle Dockers supporter. LOD also gives me the opportunity to travel more, which is something I love to do (and have enjoyed meeting the local camel here and there!).

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