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When LOD lawyer Nick Sarker wanted more from life than just working, he turned to LOD to find more of a balance. 15 months and two assignments later, Nick sees LOD as a positive career and life choice. Find out why he thinks you really can have it all with LOD.

Around two years ago I decided that I needed to change my life. I was dissatisfied with my work life balance (it was definitely time to do more than just working) but I still wanted interesting and challenging legal work. That’s where LOD came in. From the moment I got in contact I was promised that I would have high quality, varied and fulfilling work on my terms, and LOD has consistently delivered on this.

My first assignment came not long after I first met the LOD team, with a company that performs a specialist role in the wholesale electricity market. They needed a technology lawyer (which I am), but I had no previous experience in that sector. What was really impressive was that LOD were able to assess my suitability for the role far better than I could have done myself. The assignment was really successful and enjoyable. I added value to the client by using my specialist technology knowledge and I also gained a fresh perspective on the public sector.

After my first assignment finished I deliberately had two work-free months – something that is easy to do when working with LOD. I spent two months in the south of France and Italy, something that would not have been possible before.

When I was ready for another assignment, LOD found me my current role at a large management consultancy company. I’m mainly doing technology work, and like with the first assignment, it’s a great match between mine and the client’s needs. My job is to relieve the workload of the busy in-house legal team. Even though I am a contractor, there is a strong collegiate feel and I get the added bonus of the support of the LOD HQ team in the background.

I really would recommend LOD to anyone. I enjoy working more now I work with LOD because they provide interesting, high quality assignments, coupled with flexibility and quality of life; a rare commodity among lawyers. With LOD I’ve discovered it really is possible to have it all.

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