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From Ladder Climbing to Beach Front Fun

After realising you only get one shot to do what you want in life LOD Lawyer, Nathalie Romain, decided that she didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder anymore. She’s now taken the plunge and set up the holiday lettings business she has always wanted. Find out how freelancing with LOD allowed her to make her dream a reality.

After many years climbing the corporate ladder in-house in both London and Sydney, I woke up one day and thought ‘there must be more to life!’ My mum was just 61 when I lost her to cancer 6 years ago and it made me realise that you only get one shot at doing what you really want in life. It is up to you to make a life that works for you – no one else is going to do it for you. I suddenly was able to admit to myself that I didn’t want to carry on climbing up the greasy pole of corporate life and become a General Counsel . But that that was ok; it wasn’t ‘failing’, it was taking back control!

As fate would have it, shortly after my ‘revelation’ I happened to attend a seminar and found myself sitting next to (now) fellow LOD lawyer Elizabeth Weir. We got chatting about LOD and how it worked and by the time I left the seminar, I was thoroughly inspired by Liz and knew this was the path for me.

The rest, as they say, is history. I resigned from my very stressful job in a financial services company, went to LA for a few weeks – drank my weight in Margaritas, ate fish tacos until they were coming out my ears and shopped till I dropped. I was then launched straight into my first assignment – my feet literally didn’t touch the ground! Nine months into the assignment and I haven’t looked back. The support from LOD made the transition from ladder climbing to freelancing really easy.

Freelancing in house is really liberating. Through LOD I am given access to great quality work; am able to work in organisations and industries I might never of considered venturing into previously and I am constantly learning and being challenged. Working this way brings out the best in me professionally as I don’t feel drawn into the organisational idiosyncrasies that I found impacted me when I was in permanent employment.

My new found freelancing freedom means I have finally achieved my dream of running a holiday lettings business. We’re starting small, but our first property ‘on the beach at Broadstairs’ is doing well. The apartment is in a lovely spot on the south coast – and it really is right on the beach! It is perfect for families with young children – the kids love the ‘secret gate’ that leads straight from the gardens to the beach – and parents can relax knowing that they are only a stone’s throw from the apartment. For more information checkout the apartments facebook page LOD lawyers receive a 10% discount if booking direct.

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