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Newsletter May 2019

Five top tips: Be more curious

Curiosity helps us survive. The urge to explore allows us to gain knowledge about our constantly changing environment and we shouldn’t suppress it. When it comes to the workplace, being curious can be a successful strategy. In this month’s LOD Monthly, we share five ways to encourage your inquisitiveness.

1. Approach things with a beginner’s mind
Forbes discuss the importance of exercising „wonder at the workplace“. That is to say, approaching discussions with the fresh mind of a complete beginner, without immediately attaching labels. This makes you more likely to ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions.

2. Develop ‚curiosity habits‘
The Fast Company has put together a punchy list of the habits of curious people but the ones that really jump out are admitting you are wrong, not being afraid to say ‚I don’t know‘ and being able to distance yourself from past failures.

3. Challenge ≠ curiosity
The Legal Watercooler Blog hits the nail on the head – lawyers are trained to question and challenge every argument. That however, doesn’t make you curious because criticism is inherently burdened by judgement while curiosity is not.

4. Expand your reading pool
Reading is good full stop. But even ardent readers sometimes get stuck in one genre or topic. Lifehack advises picking up books or magazines on new subjects every once in a while to explore different things.

5. Practice „applied curiosity“
Inc discuss the next level of curiosity called „applied curiosity“. It involves not only striving to understand how things work but taking the next step and exploring how they can be made to work better.

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