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Newsletter June 2018

Five top tips: How to influence people effectively

We all have the ability to influence those around us – but many of us fail to recognise our influential power and therefore don’t make the most of this critical leadership tool. This month, LOD Monthly explores how you can develop your influence and harness it for good.

1. Make people feel heard 

Before reeling off your own agenda, lay the groundwork with your colleagues by establishing rapport, building trust and using your influence to amplify their voices. The Harvard Business Review suggests that if people feel heard and cared for, they’re more likely to buy into your influence later down the line.

2. Be strategic

To leverage your influence in the most effective way, be strategic about who you target for buy-in. In our Toolkit Increase Your Influence, we explore the need to secure the support of people who will be directly affected by your proposed change or idea.

3. Focus on your circle of influence 

Stephen Covey makes a distinction between having a large ‘circle of concerns’ and a small ‚circle of influence’. Focus your energy on effectively solving problems that fall within your circle of influence – rather than concentrating on concerns that are out of your control.

4. Surround yourself with an influential network 

To increase your own influential standing, Forbes recommend cultivating a tight-knit, inner circle of diverse individuals who will aid your personal development. ‚The Information Powerhouse’ will develop your commercial expertise, whilst ‘The Influencer’ will help you get things done outside of your scope of influence.

5. Be open to being influenced by others

If you want others to be open to your influence, you need to be open to theirs. The Harvard Business Review suggests that mutual influence can lead to stronger team performance through diversity of thought, higher-quality decision making and greater innovation.

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