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Wir bei LOD sind eigentlich nie um eine Meinung verlegen.  Lesen Sie hier, was wir über den Rechtsmarkt von heute und morgen denken.

The State of Global Legal Operations 2019: CLOC Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in… perpetuity and in extensive detail online. One of the clearest ...

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Newsletter July 2019

Nowadays, working days are stretched in a number of ways. Here are our top tips to help you ...

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Manage Change: LOD Toolkit for in-house legal teams

We know that wrestling with change is difficult. It comes with resistance, it’s risky ...

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Key takeaways from the Legal Innovation and Tech Festival

In June, LOD attended the Legal Innovation & Tech Festival in Sydney. From the crowded ...

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Dispatches from the front lines: what’s actually happening in the world of Commercial Contracting

We asked 300 of our lawyers who are embedded in commercial contracting teams about what is ...

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Newsletter June 2019

We’re hoping this month’s LOD Monthly will be akin to a guilt-free energy drink.

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The State of Global Legal Operations 2019: ACC Hong Kong

Before a wave breaks and everyone on the shore can see it, there is a time where it’s just swell....

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