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Wir bei LOD sind eigentlich nie um eine Meinung verlegen.  Lesen Sie hier, was wir über den Rechtsmarkt von heute und morgen denken.

The rising sea – how financial services legal departments are managing in 2019

What does it mean to be an in-house lawyer in 2019? What are the issues and trends that ...

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Through the legal looking glass

Lawyers tend to like certainty, and future unknowns can be an alarming prospect – even ...

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Newsletter March 2019

In this month’s LOD Monthly, we share five ways to help you make the best possible decisions.

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Putting the lawyer first

Lawyers have always been good at advocating their client’s interests and holding a higher duty ...

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How to build a strategic plan for your legal department

Everyone understands the importance of having a strategic plan, but not everyone knows how to ...

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Newsletter February 2019

In this month’s LOD Monthly, we’re sharing five ways to beat the blues when the January energy ...

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