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Newsletter August 2018

Five top tips: Dealing with stress

Sadly, recent studies have shown that there are now more people who are disengaged at work than those feeling good about what they do. Stress leading to long term issues can happen to anyone. While there’s no one-size-fits-all cause or cure for stress, this month’s LOD Monthly looks at some of the ways you can recognise, avoid and treat it.

1. Think about what might be wrong

Research by The Association for Psychological Science has found that there are at least three different types of stress – overload, lack of development and neglect. By identifying which type you may have, you’ll be able to implement an effective coping strategy that works for you.

2. Take control  

In his recent report, Lawyering with Purpose, Paul Gilbert recommends using your voice to advocate for a better and more sustainable working environment – for both you and your colleagues. This doesn’t necessarily mean changing the way you work, “it is about consciously deciding that the way we work now is something over which we have some control.”

3. Get your 8 hours 

Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker believes we are in the midst of a “catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic” – which has powerful links to poor mental health and burnout. Walker believes we need to destigmatise the lazy connotations associated with sleep and acknowledge its importance for our wellbeing.

4. Prioritise downtime 

While it can be difficult to create a clean separation between work and play, it’s important that you know how to switch off. 99u reports that exercise, fulfilling social activities and unpaid voluntary work are all restorative activities that are linked to effective psychological detachment from work.

5. Know that you’re not alone

Everyone feels stressed sometimes. After writing an article about coping with burnout, the New York Times received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of readers sharing their advice and experiences. Read some of their top tips here.

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